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The first source for games under Linux. | 22 May 2008 17:45 UTC

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Site News

  • Site updated: added math captcha for all editing. Will cut down on troubles. --RancidLM
  • site updates, updated the wiki and some other stuff.. enjoy! --RancidLM
  • I updated the wiki as well as fixed some bugs, such as the recent changes RSS output --RancidLM 01:05, 26 June 2006 (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • I've added a RSS feed to the site. Currently it is created by hand, but it's not as much work as i first thought. --Hoehrer
  • Server/Software updates enjoy!! (Sorry for any downtime) --RancidLM
  • I've added a new page style and unified it troughout the wiki. --Hoehrer
  • A policy for retailer-links has been discussed and refined. (more)

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This is a list of content that has been added to the wiki and is waiting for you to read it :) Please feel free to add your own content as well.

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Wiki Hosting

We are looking for free hosting (keyword Free).. looking for a lot of storage space (I would like to offer game patches mirrors) and a lot of bandwidth. Any one/company willing to offer their services please contact me. Thanks.

RancidLM (2005-10-14)

Further we need people with experience at sourceforge, berlios or similar project pages (i.e register and setup a project there). The main reasons are the same as in the text from RancidLM above. (more)

The Wiki Team (2005-10-10)

Helping the Wiki
Please help out - What can you do to help the wiki? Easy, just visit the help out page.
Thanks for helping the wiki!
Awaiting Content

Feel free to add how ever many ounces or pounds of info you can spare..
Add New Content (general)
Add New Gaming News

i Due to vandalism we ask you to place all new content for the front page in here and one of the admins will check it and then move it to the right place. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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